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Dream Scuba Dive

DREAM SCUBA DIVE is a company specialized in underwater tourism and teaching recreational diving, offering you a series of advantages that will make your dives safer, more practical and more fun.


Our activity is a challenge that we constantly seek to overcome, offering a service entirely focused on meeting the needs of customers.


If you are looking for an activity that will stimulate their personal development, contribute to their self-improvement and still provide you with the most exciting sensations, here is your place.


Diving, you join a select group of privileged people, who have the opportunity to experience the fascinating underwater world.


You can choose to join a class or perform the VIP course (individual). Theory and pool classes can be in your home or condo. Boat dives are made in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro or Angra dos Reis.


Preserving the environment and diving respecting safety standards, we seek to provide pleasant moments and unforgettable experiences.


Offer the best and most complete training.



Be the benchmark for quality in diving, both in education and in training divers.



Form divers through a quality education combined with the experience of a different experience, trained, aware and satisfied.



Technical Competence, Attitude, Team Spirit, Innovation and Ethics.

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