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Dream Scuba Dive

DREAM SCUBA DIVE is a company specialized in underwater tourism and recreational diving teaching, offering you a series of advantages that will make your dives safer, more practical and more fun.

Our activity is a challenge that we constantly seek to overcome, offering a service entirely focused on meeting the needs of our customers.


If you are looking for an activity that will stimulate your personal development, contribute to your self-improvement and still provide you with the most exciting sensations, this is the place for you.


Diving, you join a select group of privileged people, who have the opportunity to experience the fascinating underwater world.


You can choose to participate in a class or take the VIP course (individual). As aulas de teoria e piscina podem ser em Niterói, Itaipuaçu, Barra da Tijuca ou no conforto de sua_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_casa ou condomínio. Os mergulhos de barco podem ser feitos em Niterói, Rio de Janeiro ou Angra dos Reis .


Preserving the environment and diving while respecting safety standards, we seek to provide pleasant moments and unforgettable experiences.


To offerthe best and most complete training. 



To be the reference in quality in Diving, both in instruction and in the training of divers.



Train divers through quality instruction, state-of-the-art equipment, combined with a differentiated experience,empowered, aware and satisfied. 



Technical Competence, Attitude, Team Spirit, Innovation and Ethics.



First of all, it is important to understand that the activity is not restricted to being underwater to see small fish. Diving demands a commitment from the practitioner, who learns to overcome his limits and evolve as a person. Therefore, it is fundamental to develop the attitude of a diver, that is, to be concerned with the safety and well-being of oneself and one's buddy; invest in training and adequate personal equipment; team work; take responsibility for the environment. A good diver still respects his physical and physiological limits and, mainly, the time and depth of the dive.



It looks like such a simple and common action! But it is extremely important for the activity. During a dive, breathing is affected by several factors with which the diver must adapt. According to Aurélio Buarque de Holanda, to breathe is to enjoy, to enjoy; it is to carry out the necessary exchanges to generate the energy that is indispensable for the maintenance of life.



This is the most important skill a diver can develop, as it facilitates his adaptation to the underwater environment. No other impacts the comfort and safety of your dive more. Breathing calms, relaxes, prevents increased air consumption, gives you more ability to deal with stressful situations that may arise, in addition to reducing the need for ballast.



Being in a medium 800 times denser than air requires at least some extra skills from the practitioner. Among them is aquacity, which is the ability of the diver to control his buoyancy, encompassing his positioning, the correct distribution of ballast, his displacement and mastery of breathing. 



Keeping calm, controlling breathing and water in an uncomfortable situation - for example, in cold water or losing your mask - requires preparation. It is important to know how to "stop, think and act" in adverse situations, which can happen before, during or after the activity. Remember that unforeseen events occur, but you need to know how to react to them to avoid accidents.



Nobody likes to feel lost or disoriented. Whether in or out of the water. Therefore, the diver must know how to plan his return to the boat, regardless of the type of dive - shore, square profile, multilevel, slab. He must be well trained, attentive to the environment, and watching everything to enjoy the activity in the best possible way. Good planning starts even before entering the water and guarantees the success of the operation.

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