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Nitrox / EANx


What are the advantages of enriching the air for diving?


Longer background time - Diving with enriched air gives the diver more time at the bottom, but does not allow him to go deeper. Remember that the deeper you go, the greater the partial pressure of oxygen and the possibility of intoxication, which is serious for the diver. Decreasing the percentage of nitrogen, which is an inert gas that cannot be used in the breathing process and for this reason capable of bringing serious complications to the diver, the greater the amount of oxygen in the mixture, the less nitrogen is breathed, thus allowing for a longer time at the bottom. 
Shorter surface interval and more repetitive dives - Diving with enriched air gives you the advantage of a smaller surface interval since at the end of the dive  you will have less dissolved nitrogen and therefore the release of this nitrogen by breathing will be faster, allowing you a greater number of dives.


less fatigue - Excess dissolved nitrogen can bring on some divers symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness, long before an MD (Decompression Illness), so diving with enriched air may result in less fatigue for some.



Never forget that to avoid risks, it is best to dive safely, plan your dive and dive as planned. Be within no-decompression limits, make a safety stop, climb at an appropriate speed and avoid smoking, alcohol and dehydration.

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