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Buying your own scuba gear is a smart investment.


At first it might make sense to rent equipment, but if you're going to be a regular diver, one of the smartest investments you can make is to buy your own equipment.


Above all, a dive should be comfortable and safe, and when the equipment is yours, you have a lot less to worry about and fewer adjustments to make. When you're ready to start shopping for your own equipment, these are the items that should be first on your list:


Mask -The best mask is not the most expensive, but the one that best fits your face. For this, choose masks that are made of soft silicone. Put the mask on your face without the fastening strap behind your head and pull the air through your nose, it is fixed on your face, it is the ideal mask for you.


flippers- Prefer open fins used with boots, they are easier and faster to put on and take off.


Exhibition Clothes- This garment must be comfortable and the right size, or you will spend some unpleasant hours ​​under water. Different thicknesses have different buoyancy characteristics, which need to have the correct adjustment of the ballast to be used. Having your own clothes is extremely comfortable.


Regulator- Buying your own regulator gives you the peace of mind of knowing who used it, as well as how it was cleaned and maintained. You also don't have to worry about adjusting the settings every time you dive.


B C D- This critical piece of equipment connects all of your equipment together and allows you to establish the correct buoyancy you need, underwater or on the surface. Having your own BCD allows you to keep all your accessories organized exactly how you want them and gives you the comfort of being completely familiar with the equipment you are using.


Having your own equipment will make your dive much more enjoyable and safer.


If you need advice on any specific item, please contact us.


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