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Kit that can save your dive


It's not if it's going to happen, but when you'll need your kit: your dry suit's zipper won't budge, your buddy's mask has snapped the strap, a cylinder o-ring has snapped... If you're not prepared , you are not a diver. Don't expect to learn the hard way. Use our checklist below to get started on putting together your dive kit.


Pre-packaged kits are usually available at top dive shops, but you can create your own custom one.


Below are some items you can include in your kit:


- fin straps

- straps for diving mask

- Nozzle for regulator


- Tie wrap for fixing

batteries for flashlights

- Silicone grease for o-rings.

- Multi-tool / adjustable wrench

- Port Plugs - include both high and low pressure plugs

- Anti fog

- Lubricant for zipper

- Box to store the above items


The above list is just a starting point. Underwater photographers, technical divers, and certain special dives may require additional items not listed. Be sure to consult your PADI instructor so that he can help you assemble your kit.


Another way to avoid problems is to take care of your equipment and maintain it regularly.


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